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An Apple A Day

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Many were tuned in to Apple’s launch event earlier this week, where they announced 2 new larger iPhones, a smartwatch, plus Apple Pay, their new credit card payment system. We’ve already seen it impact the stock of watchmakers Fossil and Movado, as well as Ebay and GT Advanced Technologies, maker of sapphire displays.

As a fun #ThrowBack Thursday feature, we recall Apple’s IPO in December of 1980 at $22.00 a share. It’s estimated a $5,000 investment in Apple at its IPO would be worth roughly $1.5M today.


Team Kapitall

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Wintour Is Coming

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You may or may not know, but we’re big fans of fashion here at Kapitall. One of the biggest weeks in fashion is hitting NYC, Mercedes-Benz fashion week starts today. The NY Times gives us a great overview in “FashionWeek Guide: Whom and What to Know“.

As the United States Open winds down to its final chaotic days, another late-summer New York spectacle takes its place, one with its own crowds, prized seating spots, celebrity sightings and, of course, winners and losers. Yes, we are talking about New York Fashion Week. The spring/summer season is upon us, with more than 100 shows taking place between now and next Thursday, followed by the same again in London, Milan and Paris until the first week of October.

What happens this coming week here in NY at fashion week, will impact what we’re all wearing in a few months. That gets us really excited for shows from old standards like Versace, Hermes and Gucci to hot up-and-comers like Simone Rocha and the Supima Design Competition. Also making big waves will be companies like Burberry who are in the midst of an aggressive push into the beauty space. According to the Times, technology could be a major play at Fashion Week, with Intel unveiling a smart bracelet and Vivienne Tam, a self-charging iPhone case.

Let us know what you think and what you’re excited to see this coming Fashion Week.


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Source: NYTimes and Kapitall Wire 

Get In The Game

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We came across this fun list of 9 Nearly Worthless Gadgets You’re Hanging Onto for Dear Life. Of course we were all about the top item, until we saw this:

1. Most of your old sports video games
You might treasure the afternoons you wasted away with your friends playing Madden NFL 2000 and High Heat Baseball, but the games themselves are almost worthless. According to PriceCharting, which records listing prices for video games on eBay, Amazon and Half.com, most sports games for Nintendo 64 and Playstation all start at about $3.

Tell us what you think about the rest of the list with more fun items, like Hit Clips and Casio Calculator watches. We’re pretty darn sure that those Calculator watches are going to make a big comeback soon.

While your Playstation and Nintendo games might be pretty worthless these days, your stocks in those companies wouldn’t be. Could a big Q4 push these stocks in the right direction? Might be worth trading in a few of those games and investing in your own game.


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Source of list: Mashable


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We’re pretty big fans of Chipotle here at Kapitall.  In fact, here are 17 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Chipotle.

Steven Ells, Chipotle’s founder, started the first restaurant as a way to fund his dream of opening a fine-dining restaurant. The first restaurant opened on July 13, 1993 in Denver, Colo. Fortunately for us, his small taqueria started to make a ton of money and the rest, as they say, is burrito history.

Check out the rest of the list for more fun facts, like discounted “Booritos” to those who come dressed up for Halloween.

Good thing for us he started the chain. How else would we be able to get our daily fix of burrito bowls covered in not-so-secret menu items, like nachos and extra corn. Here’s a quick snapshot of how Chipotle’s stock is currently doing, up  +70.3% over the year.  We’re guessing it’s because of the quesarito.


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Source of list: Buzzfeed

Kapitall and Stockr CEOs go Head-to-Head in the Market Master’s Tournament

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CEO MM Battle SM_1600_2Jarrett Lilien and Stockr CEO Vinny Jindal are going head to head this month in the Market Master’s Tournament.

Like Kapitall, Stockr aims to “democratize the financial system” by connecting all types of investors to the CEOs, companies and investments trends they need to be informed participants in the marketplace.

Follow and compete against Jarrett and Vinny for your chance to win $100K and become this month’s Market Master!


Kapitall Introduces Boosts!

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Boosts 2Last month Kapitall launched a beta version of Boosts. Boosts allow Kapitall members to buy tools that allow them to get ahead in the Market Master’s Tournament. These tools include the following:

Out of this World: This boost allows you to buy any stock from the S&P 500 for your tournament portfolio even if it is not part of the specified tournament universe.
Wipe Portfolio: This boost will completely reset and replace your tournament portfolio.
Trade Reload: This boost will give you 10 more trades across your tournament portfolios.
Trade Rewind: This boost will undo your most recent trade action within a tournament portfolio and credit you the difference in virtual cash.
Add Virtual Cash: These boosts add $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 or $100,000 in Virtual Cash to your Tournament Portfolio.
Additional Tournament Portfolios: In addition you can now purchase multiple tournament portfolios in the Store.

Kapitall Welcomes Baby Teddy Kenton to the Family

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On Friday, June 19th, our newest Kapitallist joined the family when Editorial Director Will Kenton welcomed his second son, Theodore (nicknamed Teddy) into the world.

Teddy joins big brother Simon and wife Robin in the Kenton’s expanding family. We hope you will join us at Team Kapitall in wishing the Kenton’s heartfelt congratulations.

Kapitall’s Jarrett Lilien on the Street

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On Thursday, May 22nd, our CEO Jarrett spoke with The Street’s Gregg Greenberg about Kapitall and its future.

Jarrett fielded a round of tough but thoughtful questions from Greenberg about Kapitall and its future. At point during the interview Greenberg asked “is it really a good idea for people to be playing against Warren Buffett? Won’t they lose?” Jarrett replied that Kapitall’s customers would “be able to educate themselves” through Warren Buffett’s example.

Throughout the interview, Jarrett reiterated Kapitall’s strong message about market accessibility, and made clear that Kapitall is designed to recruit and educate a new generation of investors in market literacy.*



Kapitall Meets with #FutureLeaders at Microsoft’s Annual CSNY

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Kapitall Summer Intern John Foley poses with students at CSNY

Kapitall Summer Intern John Foley poses with students at CSNY

On Friday, Kapitall’s own Jessi, Peter and Tarana attended the annual Computer Science Fair of New York and networked with some of the city’s brightest and most promising youth. The fair is sponsored by Microsoft every year as a way of connecting high schoolers who excel in science and technology with possible mentors at some of the nation’s top technology firms.
Speaking to a large number of very receptive and curious students, Kapitall’s Product Manager Peter de Florio explained the trade platform, how Kapitall makes trading easy and accessible, and why millenials need to pay attention to personal investment.
Along with Kapitall, CSNY received delegates from Google, Buzzfeed, Tumblr and Gilt, among others. The fair featured a large number of panel speakers, including Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp.
The Kapitall team was very impressed by the bright questions, curiosity and genuine enthusiasm expressed by students for personal investment. They define #Futureleaders

Three Cheers For Top Student Investors!

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Kapitall congratulates Michael Hartigan, an MBA student at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business, who has won the 2013-2014 All-America Student Analyst Competition. The winning undergraduate was Joel Cohen from the University of Cincinnati, while the leading school was Fordham University, with nine students in the top 100.

In its second year, the All-America Student Analyst Competition pitted undergraduate and graduate students from all over the U.S. against one another in the hunt for investment returns using a professional-style trading engine. More than 2,100 students from 81 schools participated in the competition, which is supported by ALPHASEAL®, a software platform developed by Stamford, Connecticut–based Mark My Media. The platform measures the daily performance of participants’ portfolios, calculating six investment factors — net benchmark outperformance, volatility, balance sheet impact, net exposure impact, long alpha and short alpha — employing the Russell 3000 Index as its benchmark. Three times as many students competed than did in the inaugural year, with more than double the number of participating schools.

The results suggest that it’s not easy to beat the market. Not many — only 345 participants, or 16 percent — outperformed the Russell 3000 benchmark, which gained around 9.3 percent over the course of the competition. Read more and see the full results of students and schools here.

Kapitall partner Mark My Media, based in Stamford, Connecticut, produces league tables for the financial services industry and has a sophisticated software platform to track portfolios. The company’s ALPHASEAL® online simulator helps business students bridge the gap between what is taught in the classroom and what is expected on the job in financial services by giving them a tool to track risk-adjusted portfolio performance along similar metrics as those used by investment professionals.

Learn more about ALPHASEAL®  here.

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